AROMATHERAPY: Therapeutic natural plant goodness and all things aroma.

Certified: Consultations, natural (organic when possible), experiences, inhalants, natural perfume, room spray, skin care and formulations. Prices vary - sliding scale available.

BOTANICALS: Plant based holistic beauty, natural perfume and skincare.

Certified Aromatherapist: Customized holistic handmade plant beauty. Bath ritual, natural perfume, natural skin care, organic soap. Prices vary and upon request - sliding scale available.

HEALING ARTS: Bio energy healing, IET Advanced Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher. Holistic energetic care for the spirit and soul.

Certified and Insured: Cover by some insurance. Trained to hold space for the subtle energies. Providing an environment for clients to heal themselves. Sessions starting at $150 an hour. 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes, and daily rates. Prices by request - sliding scale available.


Fine Art/International dance tour trained: Make up and mens grooming with skin care, light hair upon request. Available for stills, motion, and event. NYC based, US and international. Session and daily rates upon request - sliding scale available. Client lists.

SHIRODHARA: Shiro (head) dhara (flow). An Ayurvedic Indian therapy involving energy elements with pineal gland drip.

Trained by Ayurvedas World. Energetic relaxation treatment involving subtle energetic work combined with a pineal gland drip. Hydrotherapy and oil drip available. Prices upon request.

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